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JASPA Scholarship Application

JASPA Speech Language Pathology Scholarship Application

Jacksonville Area Speech Pathology Association (JASPA) provides a scholarship oppoertunity to (1-3) aspiring speech language pathologists to be used at any school of the candidate's choosing. The amount of $1,000 will be awarded to the candidate(s) that meet criteria and are selected by the honors committee of the JASPA executive board. Criteria requirements and application information is provided below. The candidate(s) of choice will have funds dispersed upon proof of enrollment.



  • Graduate student in Speech Language Pathology
  • Located in ther Greater Jacksonville Area
  • Must provide the most recent official transcript
  • Provide a letter of recommendation (professional/personal)
  • Complete application form
  • Write a 500 word essay regarding why SLP degree was chosen
  • Attend 1 JASPA CEU meeting
  • If selected, be willing to participate in interview process via honors committee

    All applications are due by May 1 of the calendar year submitted for committee review. Please submit to Stephanie Davis at sldavisslp@yahoo.com. Of note, previous recipients are not eligible to receive a 2nd scholarship. The JASPA honors committee reserves the right to ask for more information, if needed, regarding a candidate's application. Please refer to www.jaspa.org for further information.    

    For JASPA use only:

    • Recent offical transcript __________
    • Letter of recommendation __________
    • Application form __________
    • Essay __________
    • Date of JASPA CEU meeting: __________
    • Date received and JASPA board member signature of intake: __________________________________

    • JASPA Scholarship Application

    • Please mail remaining forms to:

      P.O. Box 600123
      Jacksonville, FL 32260